Drug Offenses

The State of Florida has consistently led the nation in regards to the war on drugs. Many may view this as a problem with the criminal justice system and the backlog of cases going through the system,however if you are charged with a criminal drug charge, unless the nature of the offense is possession of less than 20 grams of cannabis, typically you will be facing felony charges.

Drug Trafficking

Drug Trafficking charges along with Delivery or Possession with intent to distribute charges often carry mandatory minimum sentences. In addition, when one is adjudicated guilty of a drug offense, even possession of cannabis as a misdemeanor comes with a two year suspension of your Florida Driver's License.

Drug Court

Drug Court has been a welcome change over the past decade, and has provided a means for treatment in order to achieve dismissal and potential expunging of a record as opposed to punishment and the long lasting effects of the stigma of having criminal record including a drug offense.

For those not eligible for Drug Court challenges to the manner in which the evidence was obtained are typically the first level of analysis and potential motions to suppress may enable a favorable outcome for one charged with a serious drug offense.

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